Vegan chicken flavoured pieces


Frying pan

5 min at medium


6-8 min. at 225 °C



High in protein

100% vegan

Source of vitamins

B12 & iron

Vegan chicken flavoured pieces

Chicken pieces! Well, without the actual chicken… We have developed a wide variety of chicken flavoured pieces in all sorts of sizes. What they have in common? The bite and structure of actual chicken meat. Looking for a specific taste? No problem, shawarma, tandoori, you name it!

Typically we make them using wheat and pea protein. They cook like actual chicken meat, meaning they brown nicely and end up with a crispy outside. Perfect fit for your pasta, stir-fry, fajitas and much more!

Our pieces are available in low Nutriscores, with low salt and low saturated fat, as well as being high in protein and fibres. If we do not have the right version or proposition available at the moment, we are happy to develop this for you!




For our retail partners our mince is typically weighing 200 gram and can be packed in:

  1. MAP retail packs made from 99% recycled material. Depending on your needs we can work with full colour labels, printed top foils and sleeves
  2. Hybrid paper seal packs that use 75% less plastic. These are retail packs consisting out of paper and plastic, which can be separated and recycled separately.

For customers looking for non-retail packaging we offer our pieces IQF bulk packed in pillow bags. Depending on the requirements we can pack in bags ranging from 1 to 10 kg in a size that fits best for you! These bags can be packed in cartons of crates matching your weight requirements.

Interested or questions, feel free to contact us!


Vegan burger

Try our vegan chicken flavoured pieces in this tasteful recipe with soy milk, walnuts, cranberries, parsnips and fresh figs.