And then there was ME-AT 

Our world is changing rapidly. The world population is increasing to 10 billion people in 2050, and in order to feed them we are going to need 1,7 planets if we do not change our production and consumption patterns. 

In order to feed these 10 billion people we need to increase our food production by 60% and we need to do this in a more sustainable way with our planet. 



Consumers are also becoming more concerned about the environment and are becoming more conscious in regards to food. We need to move our diets towards more plant based protein sources. 

We are ME-AT. As a response to this we offer an alternative and created our startup ME-AT (pronounce as meat). We design and develop 100% plant based meat alternatives that have the look, feel and taste of actual meat.

 We offer a sustainable solution to the growing demand for proteins making it easier for consumers to opt for a meat-free day.  


Our state of the art plant

Our products are produced in a 100% dedicated state-of-the art facility located in the north of the Netherlands, the beautiful city of Leeuwarden. Before we could open our facility we had to remodel a former beef slaughterhouse. We began to strip the site in November 2019, meaning that floors were replaced, ceilings were lowered, water and electrical lines were modified and extra cooling capacity was added. The result is a brand new, state of the art facility that is dedicated to the production of plant based products. This means no cross contamination of any animal DNA, making our products truly 100% plant based!

Start of production

In February 2020 we began production of the first plant based products on a temporary line. At the time we were only producing mince, burgers and schnitzels. The full remodeling of the factory and the installation of the new lines were completed by the end of Q3 2020. With the installation of the full line we expanded our product portfolio with products like sausages, chunks (chicken, beef and pork), bacon and fish type products. Our lines are also equipped with IQF tunnels and  multi-head weighing systems. For retail our products are packed in modified atmosphere trays whilst for other customer we can pack large volumes using our pillow pack machine (1 to 10 kg bags). All packaging material can be developed and branded to the specific needs of our customers.


Ready for the future

The lines at ME-AT Leeuwarden has a modular design and thus set-up. We can easily alter the lines to meet specific product and packaging needs, creating flexibility and responsiveness to supply multiple items to retail and foodservice.

The plant was designed to be expanded in multiple phases.  In fact drawings are ready to expand in the future to more (modular) lines. We believe in this upcoming market and our capabilities to fulfil this segment in the years to come.


Our goal

Allowing everyone to enjoy a sustainable piece of ‘ME-AT’ every day. 

We create delicious products that are:

  • Good for the planet
  • Good for the animals
  • Good for the consumer

 We are ME-AT!