Raw material

Our raw materials are sourced under high standards and to do so we have set up partnerships for each type.

Our products can be based on different protein sources, including soy, (chick) pea’s, wheat, rice and beans. The soy we use originates from North-America and Europe, far away from the rain forest. All the Soy we source is NON-GMO and registered in our systems (including lab reports) upon receiving to guarantee NON-GMO and connect traceability.

At the moment we are substituting North American soy in the majority of our products with European soy where possible. Next to this, we have successfully built a local and transparent supply chain in the Netherlands with locally grown faba beans, that are used as main protein source in some of our products. We have set the target to create similar supply chain in Belgium and Germany by 2025. Lastly, the flavors and colorings we use are all natural.

Check our “local supply” page if you would like to find out more on our local and transparent supply chains.


Packaging materials

Our products can be packed in plastic, cardboard (with inner bag) and returnable crates. The plastic that we use is R-PET elite, which is recycled PET plastic. After usage, the mono R-PET can be recycled again. The cardboard we source is FSC certified were possible. When designing packaging and carrier units we focus on maximizing the amount of product per pallet place and reducing the amount of ‘air’ transported.