Frying pan

8 minutes

Vegan flavour


High protein

100% vegan

Source of vitamins

B12 & iron


A highlight in 2022 was that we developed the Plantrecote in Leeuwarden. A vegetable steak that not only looks like a real entrecote but also tastes like it!

The NPD team Leeuwarden have provided the plantrecote with the right beef flavor and a nice fat edge, but based on wheat. The plantrecote is produced in the form of poles and then sliced and packaged on a flatboard with our partner.  To achieve this successfully, we worked closely together with other Vion factories. From the development, the design of the packaging, the establishment of the supply chain to the delivery of the end product, we have really shown here that we are Sharp, Brave and Connected.



For our retail partners our plantrecote can be packed on a flatboard.


For customers looking for non-retail packaging we offer our plantrecote IQF bulk packed in pillow bags. Depending on the requirements we can pack in bags ranging from 1 to 10 kg in a size that fits best for you! These bags can be packed in cartons of crates matching your weight requirements. Interested or questions, feel free to contact us!