Vegan sausages


Frying pan

5 min. at medium


6-8 min. at 225 °C

Vegan flavour


High in protein

100% vegan

Source of vitamins

B12 & iron

Vegan sausages

Yes, we did it! We made sausages that have that fresh look and feel. And yes, they are uncooked!

These thin sausages weighing 40 gram each are perfect for the frying pan and can be made suitable for grilling on the BBQ. Throw them on a bun to make a hot dog or add them to your favourite dish.

Our vegan sausages are produced using non-GMO soy and the seasoning variations are endless! Consumers are already loving our “bratwurst style” and mildly spicy “chipolata” flavours.



For our retail partners our vegan sausages can be packed in:

  • MAP retail packs made from 99% recycled material. Depending on your needs we can work with full colour labels, printed top foils and sleeves
  • Hybrid paper seal packs that use 75% less plastic. These are retail packs consisting out of paper and plastic, which can be separated and recycled separately.

At the moment we cannot offer this product in bulk packaging but we are working very hard to have this available shortly! Interested or questions, feel free to contact us!


Tagliatelle with bratwurst

Try our sausages in a recipe with tagliatelle with tomato, onions, parsley, red wine and garlic.